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Life is continuing to be busy in mostly boring run of the mill ways. Got out of work today slightly later than i'd originally been planning but went to the gym anyways. Spent a little less time climbing and using the pull-up machine than usual, but did a full hour on the cross trainer thing, and it claims i burned 1200 calories, yay!

I wonder why it is that i look at my own rather large legs and go "blech!", but i see a girl at the gym with legs almost as large as mine (proportionally at least, though they were probably more muscled than mine) and go "merow!"?

But anyways, i headed to the mall after that but stopped by Sports Chalet first. After using the Vibrams on and off for several days i decided i liked them well enough to get another pair while they were still on sale. I got this pair in size 42, so i can see how i feel about that size over the long term.

I do have to say, after walking around the very wet mall, that the Vibtams are rather more slippery when wet than most other shoes i've had. However i had heard about that ahead of time so i didn't manage to discover this fact in a rather disastrous way :) The only other downside i've noticed so far is that i'm much more likely to stub my toes while wearing them... exactly like when i'm barefoot =P

Got some dinner and some gingerbread Pinkberry and then came home to spend some time with radioactive cat before running and hiding in the bedroom.

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