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Sometimes the universe likes me

Remember how i went by Sports Chalet earlier and checked out the Vibram KSOs they had, but they didn't have one in the size 41 i wanted to try?

Well i went back this afternoon, and not only had they gotten in a new shipment, they were on sale now for $50 instead of $90!

The 41s did indeed have less spare room in the toes than the 42s, and it seemed like my second toe was just barely touching, so i decided to go with those. In fact i'm considering and going back and getting a second pair. How long do Vibrams last anyways?

After that i went to the gym did lots of climbs, including one i'd only managed once or twice before, and one that i'd never done before, yay!

Then went by the nearby Rite Aid to get a flu shot, and happened to notice there was a Sonic right across the street. I guess there's like a half-dozen in SoCal now, but i was still pretty surprised to stumble across one on accident. Perhaps i should check them out at some point now that i know there's one nearby.

Then i went to Pet Supply because i wanted to get my cat one of those hidey-hole things. I noticed on the webcam for the hyperthyroid treatment place that she spent a lot of tine curled up in the cubbyhole thing they had, and i'm not sure if that's cause she liked it, or just cause she was feeling stressed. But she _does_ like to crawl into cupboards, so i decided maybe i should get something similar and see if she likes it. All they had there was big giant multi-level cat structures, but they had a catalog, so i looked through that and found one that looked like about the right size and ordered it. Not sure how long it will take to show up at the store, but hopefully she will like it when i finally get ahold of it.

Then i went by the mall. Got food, wandered around, got Pinkberry. They had a band there playing christmas music. Right at the point i was heading over to the Pinkberry i guess they were getting to the crescendo of the music, because machines up on the roof started spitting out fake snow. I couldn't tell what it was, but whatever it was melted shortly after landing. I don't think it was cold enough to be real ice flakes. Maybe some kind of soap stuff? But in any case i went inside the Pinkberry and got my yoghurt, then came out and saw the fake snow was still coming down. Whatever it was i didn't really want it in my food, so i had to huddle by the edge of the building waiting for the flurries to stop.

Oh yeah, and Pinkberry has a gingerbread flavor now. It actually tastes okay, except that i can't imagine what you would actually want to put on it in terms of toppings. Of course i'm normally inclined towards the plain or fruity flavors with fruits and berries on top, which especially wouldn't go well with gingerbread, but even the chocolaty and nutty and such toppings don't seem like they'd work well.

And now i am at home, with a cat on my lap irradiating me. I've probably let her do that enough for now and should move her.
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