DonAithnen (donaithnen) wrote,

Zoom zoom zoom!

Wumpskate was awesome! balivatn couldn't make it, but the friend from OkCupid was able to make it and brought her "sexy" niece along. The niece spent some time learning how to skate and a lot of time attracting guys like honey draws bees. OkCFriend and i spent some time teaching the niece how to skate, some time hanging out with the niece and her posse (which was up to three guys by the end of the night) and a lot of time skating.

I stuck with OkCFriend most of the time we were skating, but broke away for a couple songs to go full speed. I felt a lot zoomier than normal. It might have just been that it had been so long since the last Wumpskate, or it might have been due to freshly oiled rollerblades, or it might have been due to putting in time on the cross trainer machine at the gym.

OkCFriend and niece decided to head off around 11:45 or 11:50. I stuck around, but sadly they decided to close up shop at midnight sharp, instead of running to 12:15 or a little later like they occasionally do. This was especially sad because Xian's car got boxed in at home and she had to find alternate transportation, so they didn't actually open up and let us in till a little after 9:30.

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