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Wumpskate & Zen and the Art of Rollerblade Maintenance

Wumpskate is starting up again! This monday (tomorrow) at 9! It's pajama themed this month. Since i don't own any pajamas i'll just be going in normal clothes. I don't think i even have any t-shirts i can argue are appropriately themed.

So everyone in the greater LA area who likes goth/industrial music and likes skating should go! So, uh, maybe balivatn i guess?

On a highly related note, i just spent close to two hours disassembling, cleaning, and reassembling my indoor rollerblades. About halfway through the process i realized i hadn't started a TV program or movie and hadn't started listening to an audiobook or music. And now my hands were very oily. Rather than stopping long enough to clean my hands and address the lack of outside stimulus i just decided to power on through.

The majority of the time was spent adding oil to the top of bearings, spinning them a bit, wicking the oil out from the bottom with a paper towel, and repeating until the oil stopped coming out black or red (depending on the particular damage that bearing was suffering from.)

In one way it was kind of relaxing to just zone out with nothing else going on. But i also feel a little annoyed/depressed/something at having bypassed so much of the evening without "accomplishing" as much as i could have.
Tags: clubs, philosophy, psychology, rollerblading

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