DonAithnen (donaithnen) wrote,

Vibram and long toes

Some things i've learned in the last 24ish hours in relation to feet and Vibram footwear

1: Apparently having a longer second toe than your first is called Morton's Toe
2: Apparently mathematics isn't the only subject where wikipedia contributors insist on using technical jargon that casual readers will have trouble following
3: Some people consider Morton's Toe a normal variation, like being left handed. Others consider it problematic because it's correlated with other issues that i don't entirely understand. (See #2)
4: Vibram claims that their CEO has Morton's Toe, and that everything will be just fine as long as you measure the longest toe when sizing yourself.
5: Someone has developed a mod process that allows you to stretch out the second toe of Vibram shoes using some clamps and a little bit of heat.

So if i want to get a pair of Vibram shoes i'd have to decide between following the normal directions or trying to mod the shoes myself. In theory having the shoes match my feet seems like the better solution, but A: that's a fair bit of extra work on my part, and B: i wonder if heating and stretching the shoes will have any long term effects on the structural integrity of that part of the shoe?

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