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Last week was a pretty boring week in terms of food due to the being sick and going to Del Taco for Thanksgiving. However i actually did interesting food stuff the week before that!

On sunday i went to the farmers' market at the OC Great Park for the first time without shelleycat. Turns out they've completely reorganized it since the last time i was there, which was kind of a relief.

I got a steak & fries from Barcelona on the Go and shaved ice from Tropical Shave Ice and a sweet corn tamale from a generic stand. Then i wandered through the produce section and ended up grabbing some pluouts, a couple persimmons, and a pomegranate. (Hmmm, guess it was a good day for foods starting with 'p'.)

Tuesday i went to the Irvine Din-Din a Go-Go food trucks. I tried out the new "Gravy Train - poutinerie" truck. Their poutine was neither the best nor the worst i've ever tried. Of course i've tried poutine exactly three times so far. The other two times i got it from the Lime Truck, who obviously provided the best and worst poutine i've ever had :) The Gravy Train's version seemed rather heavy on the gravy and light on the cheese curds. I wanted to get the fried cheese curd as well, but they were out, or something. (Maybe that explains the light amount of curds on the fries? I dunno.) They also had a listing of "Canadian candies" for sale. I wanted to get a "Coffee Crisp", but they were out of that too. Since all i was able to get from them was the poutine itself i also stopped by the Lime Truck and got a sweet and spicy taco and some fried bok choy with ponzu sauce.

Wednesday i went to a munch at "Cucina Alessa", which is a pretty run of the mill fancy Italian place, except that they had "Zucca" as one of the appetizers, which turned out to be the same butternut squash ravioli with fried, er, sage leaves i think, which the Italian place at Bella Terra used to have before they closed. I was incredibly sad when i couldn't get it any more, though i'm not sure if i'll be tempted enough to drive all the way down to this new place and eat at a "real" restaurant by myself to get it.

Also in the past couple weeks i got to try both "Cafe Rio", which is "kind of like Chipotle", but different, and "Which Wich", which is "kind of like Subway", but different. Cafe Rio was okay, i think Chipotle is better but i suppose Cafe Rio might be a nice change of pace once in awhile. Which Wich to me seemed to be trying to combine Quiznos' "toast ALL the subs" philosophy (though maybe that was just based on the subs we all chose, i didn't have time to look through all the options) with Subway's "choose ALL the stuff yourself," but without actually having to talk to anyone. They do this by having a bunch of pre-printed sheets that let you check off what you want on your sub. I think i'd rate them as not as good as Subway but better than Quiznos.

Gee, and i wonder why i've been having so much trouble losing weight the last couple weeks? =P (And Thanksgiving certainly didn't help! Speaking of which, i finished off the entire pumpkin pie i got from Costco, though it did take me five or six days to manage it =)

(Also, why don't i have an icon for food?)
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