DonAithnen (donaithnen) wrote,

LosCon addendum

Oh yeah, and the "Doctor Hooves" My Little Pony/Doctor Who mash-up t-shirt was a huge success. Lots of people said they liked it and a couple asked me where i got it, and two or three people took pictures. *cough* Including one girl who randomly decided after that that she liked pulling my hair *cough* Clearly i need more shirts like that, though i'm not sure if it's the Doctor Who element or the MLP element that's more important. (Of course i'm pretty sure the unexpectedness of the mash-up is also part of it.)

The Mario/Aliens mash-up shirt also got a couple comments, but wasn't nearly as popular. Of course that may have been skewed a fair bit by the fact that i wore it on sunday, and thus for about only one-third as much time. Also, the population that indicated appreciation of the Mario/Aliens shirt was 100% male, while the population that indicated appreciation of the Doctor Who/My Little Pony shirt was at least 75% female. Of course that _could_ have just been an issue with the sample size.

Also, one person complimented me on my dancing... although that person was a girl who didn't look like she could have been more than 16 or so. Which doesn't make the comment unappreciated, just not as appreciated as it could be =P
Tags: being social, cons, conventions, memes

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