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Crazy reactions to losing an election

It's always a hard thing when your side loses an election. Some people take it in stride, hope the opposing side won't do anything too bad and plan to do better in the next election. Other people however go a bit crazy and make overwrought outbursts about what they're going to do to fix things. (Normally of course after awhile of venting this blowhard phase wears itself out and they settle down to wait for the next election just like everyone else, which is why i'm just amused rather than pissed off.)

Crazy overreacting liberal response to losing an election: "Screw this! I'm moving to [Canada/Europe/Wherever]!"

Crazy overreacting conservative response to losing an election: "Screw this! Let's secede from the United States!"

Note that the liberal solution, though not something actually recommended that you do on a whim, is something that millions of people have done in the past for various reasons, a large percentage of which have done reasonably well in their lives afterward.

The conservative solution is something that has been tried exactly once before. It did not go well.

Also note that the liberal plan is to be independent and take action to fix things for yourself, whereas the conservative plan is to get together as a group and force your preferred government on everyone else in the state against their will. There's something a bit backwards there, at least going by the usual stereotypes conservatives seem to hold...

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