DonAithnen (donaithnen) wrote,

Mergers Mergers Everywhere (And Not A Drop Of Real Beer To Drink)

So apparently a number of large mergers are occurring under cover of hurricane. Where a number is two, at least as far as i'm aware of so far.

Disney just bought Lucas for about $4 billion. So company that sometimes produces content i really like and sometimes really pisses me off is merging with company that sometimes produces content i really like and sometimes really pisses me off.

I'm really not sure what to think about that. Best case scenario, Disney finally releases remastered BluRays of the original unedited trilogy, and Star Wars 7 and the follow-ups are produced with the same attention to quality that the recent Disney has shown with a number of their recent releases. Worst case scenario, we're inundated with a lot of direct to DVD shlock and Disney starts mailing out cease & desist letters to everyone doing fan-anything related to Star Wars.

Or to put it a geekier way,

Best outcome: Joss Whedon's Star Wars Episode 7.
Worst outcome: The 501st gets sued out of existence.

As usual of course it's quite possible it might end up being a mixed bag, with some from column A and some from column B.

But in any case, shortly before that Random House and Penguin Books merged, which is a pretty big deal in the book world, and i'm really not sure what to think about that either. But in this case it's because i don't really know what either of them does =P I'm sure they both publish books i like, but as a casual reader i never actually check the publisher mark when picking up a book in a store. In fact they only publishers whose action i'm even vaguely familiar with are Baen (because of their awesome ebook store) and Tor (because of their decision to get rid of DRM on their ebooks.) And for all i know Tor could be an imprint of either Penguin or Random (or, you know, both now.)

However i had heard that News Corp was contemplating a bid for Penguin Books right before this, and at the very least i know that this merger is a hell of a lot better than that! =P

Sadly it seems like they'll be going down the middle of the road for the new name, going with "Penguin Random House" instead of the greatly amusing "Random Penguin" or "Penguin House", but at least it's not mind-numbingly boring like "PRH Books".

And hey, as long as we're talking about mergers and weird names, this article has been doing around recently:

Except apparently, the plot is not actually to destroy America's beer, the "plot" is for Brazil to "destroy" Europe's beer, by the means of having it produced in America. So America is both accessory to and victim of the crime :)

So long story made only moderately shorter, ages and ages ago (1999) the Brazilian breweries "Antarctica" and "Brahma" combined to form "Companhia de Bebidas das Americas"/"Americas' Beverage Company." At some point (possibly about the first time one of the executives looked into buying business cards) they shortened their name to "AmBev."

AmBev apparently did pretty well for itself, and in 2004 it merged with the Belgium beer company "Interbrew", and they renamed themselves to "InBev." In 2008 they then merged with Anheuser-Busch and became "AB InBev."

The reason this is news now and not just ancient history as far as the internet is concerned, is that apparently they recently had the brilliant idea that if they took Becks, one of their most popular import beers in America, and started producing it _in_ America but kept charging the same price as imported beer then they could really make bank.

Unfortunately (for AB InBev at least) people somehow noticed a difference in the taste (even though i'm sure AB InBev kept to the same incredibly high standards of quality they use for Budweiser,) and upon finding out what was really going on objected to paying high import prices for fake "imported" beer. Those greedy penny-pinching bastards.

For extra fun, the current rumor is that AB InBev is looking into buying/merging with PepsiCo.Personally i don't care a great deal about that one because i don't drink Pepsi (First they came for the Pepsi, but i didn't speak up... =) but it would be interesting to see what kind of name emerged from that one. AB InBev PepCo? AB PC InBev?

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