DonAithnen (donaithnen) wrote,

Last month

Last month i posted a fair bit. This month it feels like i've posted almost nothing. I've generally felt rather tired and listless the last several weeks and not up to doing much of anything when i get home, including writing. I've mostly spent the time watching TV, playing XCOM: Enemy Unknown (which is a little buggy and has some design issues, but is generally pretty good,) and staring at the ceiling. Oh, and a bit of listening to James Alan Gardner's "new" audiobooks (which are just plain awesome.)

Five weeks ago i gave doctorskuld a ride to the airport so she could fly to her old home and thence to her new job in England and her new home with naye. In the final throes of cleaning out her apartment she tossed a few more items at me, under the stricture of "if you don't take it i'm throwing it away or donating it to the salvation army" or something like that. I ended up with a couple geeky mugs, a sonic screwdriver, and something else... what was it? Oh yes, a frickin' awesome sword :)

Three weeks ago i went to see Frankenweenie with a girl who messaged me on OKCupid. (Which means she saw the blurb about shelleycat in my profile and is only interested in being friends right now.) Frankenweenie was pretty good, though as expected it wasn't as good as Nightmare Before Christmas. (At this point it seems safe to bet that Nightmare Before Christmas (or insert other older film of your choice) will end up being the highlight of his carer.)

Two weeks ago we went to see Looper, which was pretty darn good. I had two particular issues with the way time travel/causality was handled, but aside from that it was some pretty well done SF distopia with a moderate amount of action.

Last weekend i went to a video game party organized by some people in the local anime group, but i don't really know anyone in the group very well yet, so i mostly just stood around watching other people play games.

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