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Cute animals and some audio trivia

First, some cute animal stuff stuff! :)

tiercel linked to a cute video about baby egyptian turtles.

Then i realized the video was by the Woodland Park Zoo, which is awesome!

Then i saw that there were lots of related videos! Like this one about an ocelot kitten! And this one about a baby tiger!

Here's the channel:

And here's a cute little montage of clips from a lot of their videos

So for those who don't like videos of cute little animals, especially cute little baby animals... what the hell is wrong with you??!?

Er, i meant to say, here's some cool audio trivia for you! The article (if one can call a top 10 list that =) collates some of the most common stock music used in cartoons, video games, movies, etc to communicate particular emotions or indicate a particular kind of setting and relates the origins of those pieces.

The 10 Most Common Music Cues in Nerd-Dom
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