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16 October 2012 @ 10:34 pm
More Politics  
Overall i think that went MUCH better than the first debate.

However my absolute most favorite part, obviously paraphrased...

So for pretty much the entire debate, Romney kept trying to get the last word, frequently hassling the moderator if Obama had just finished speaking and she wanted to move on to a new question without letting him talk more first. Then they got to this part...

Audience member: "Mr President, what do you plan to do about women getting paid so little in the workplace?"

Obama: [Yes! Easy question!] "My grandma worked at a bank and hit the glass ceiling, and I signed the Lily Ledbetter bill, and also I'm going to help women get educated because I believe in education."

Romney: [Crap! How can i turn this into one of my strong points?] "When I was a governor, none of the final applicants for the Cabinet were women, so I said we needed to go out and get women, so I went to women's groups and asked for help, and they gave me whole binders full of women. And we ended up with lots of women in the Cabinet, so I'm great! And i realized i had to be flexible to accommodate the special needs of women, like wanting to be with their families. (Because taking time to be with their families is womens' work.) Also, I'm going to create jobs! And if enough jobs are created then eventually companies will be forced to give jobs to women even if it means having to deal with their special needs." [Phew, that went pretty well I think! I got to talk about the economy some more and how much I'll make it better!]

Obama: "I'd like to point out that Romney didn't support the Lily Ledbetter bill. Also Romney is part of the group that thinks men ought to be making health care choices for women. He thinks funding should be eliminated for Planned Parenthood and contraceptives shouldn't be covered by insurance. These are not just women's issues. These are family issues. These are economic issues. And I have two daughters who I want to see get the exact same opportunities as anyone else's sons."

Romney: *Stands up, seems to think that the ought to respond, looks totally flumexed about what to say*

Moderator: "I want to move along to the next question. Governor, it's for you."

Romney: *looks relieved* [Yes! Next question! Let's move on! Anything but having to try and defend my views on Planned Parenthood and contraceptives!]

Next Audience Member: "I am an undecided voter, and I'm disappointed with the apparent lack of progress over the past four years. However I think pretty much all our current problems are President Bush's fault. Can you tell us how you're not like President Bush?"

Romney: *Looks slightly poleaxed* "...Thank you. And I appreciate that question... but I'd like to go back and talk about contraception now!"

(Full transcript of that part here and here)
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