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Buy ALL the books!

It's a special edition of "But ALL the things!" with three book related things.

First: James Alan Garder is one of my favorite authors that no one has ever heard of. He's been nominated for a Hugo twice, but it was in the Novelette category and few people even know everyone who's "only" been nominated in the much more popular Novel category.

As good as his shorter work is i really love his "League of Peoples" series. Before John Scalzi's much more literal interpretation of the idea in "Redshirts", James Alan Gardner wrote "Expendable", in which a space navy has crew members specifically designated to go down to explore new planets and quite possibly never come back. After that there were four "main" sequels and two "side story" novels in the same universe.

Sadly they've been out of print for awhile and even the ebooks disappeared awhile ago due the rights being up for negotiation. Hopefully they'll reappear at some point, but the good news is that they just got added to Audible as audiobooks! So if you're one of the few other people who use Audible you might want to go check them out. It may not be a sale, but they're awesome books!

Here's "Expendable", and from there you can follow the author link to see all the books.

Second: For the next week or so the ebook of "Feed", but Mira Grant (aka Seanan McGuire) is on sale for $2. Supposedly this is across all venders selling the ebook. I verified that Barnes & Nobles has it for $1.99 and decided that was good enough for me :) If you've managed not to hear about it yet, it's a SF book set in a post-zombie apocalypse world. It's fairly hard SF in terms of the mechanics of the zombies which is a nice change. It's also the first book in a trilogy (plus some other short stories/novelettes.) It's also been optioned for film :)

Here's the B&N version, if you want to get it from Amazon, look it up yourself :)

Third: The Humble Indie Bundle people just came out with the "Humble eBook Bundle". Note the lack of the word "Indie" anywhere in that name, because it isn't really. The bundle has Cory Doctorow's "Pirate Cinema", Paolo Bacigalupi's "Pump Six", Mercedes Lackey's "Invasion", Kelly Link's "Stranger Things Happen" and "Magic for Beginners", and Lauren Beukes' "Zoo City". And if you donate over the average you get Scalzi's "Old Man's War" and Neil Gaiman and Dave McKean's "Signal to Noise."

Not exactly a bunch of unknown small timers, but of course there's isn't quite the same distinction between "big publishers" and "indie studios" in the science fiction writers world that there is in the game industry.
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