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Exercise and stupid moods

So this afternoon instead of going home and moping, i said fuck stupid moods and went by the mall. Got some dinner and went by REI to get some gloves to use while using the pull-up machine at the gym. Have i mentioned that my hands are small before? Apparently that is literally true. There were two different types of climbing gloves i was looking at, and for one kind both the medium and the small seemed to fit, and for the other both the medium and the extra-small seemed to fit. 5'10", 175 lbs, little tiny hands.

I ended up going with the small size of the thinner gloves, since both sizes fit but the medium seemed to have a little extra material. So after buying stuff and eating stuff i headed by gym to try out the new gloves. I did about 45 minutes of climbing first, then went and tried out the pull-up machine. The gloves definitely seem to help with the damage to the skin on my palms thing, but it's still kind of hard to keep a grip on the handles. At least now it's the gloves sliding around and not my skin ripping off though =P

I'm slightly annoyed at this point that even though my arms are already a bit larger than i'd really prefer they be, i still can't do a single bloody pull-up on my own without assistance from the machine. (Hmm, i'm making myself out to sound like quite the studly stud in this post aren't i =P) I can do a fair number of pull-ups if i set the machine to minus 100 lbs (assuming i'm reading the weights right) and a practically infinite number if i set the weight to minus 120 lbs, but nothing at all at 0 lbs.

But anyways, after about fifteen minutes of being happy about not losing any skin but not so happy about the gloves continually sliding around, i decided to try out the cross-fit machine. (Actually, i tried to try out the treadmill machine first but that one seemed to be broken.) I was happy to discover that it lets you adjust the resistance on the fly, so i could change it for each song so i could stay mostly in beat and still feel like i was doing a decent amount of work. I spent about 30 minutes on that, and it claimed i burned about 300 calories, yay!

On the way home instead of feeling tired i was actually feeling pretty bouncy and wishing i could go skating or dancing. Then when i got home i started feeling morose again. So i distracted myself with some stupid internet games for a couple hours, and now i should probably be getting to sleep.
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