DonAithnen (donaithnen) wrote,

Friday Fun Stuff

First, here's a cute Nathan Fillion interview talking about Halloween costumes and the zombie apocalype:

Second, i was mussing that when DJ Earworm gets around to doing the 2012 edition of United States of Pop, there are decent odds that he'll end up including both "Call Me Maybe" and "Gangnam Style". (Call Me Maybe is probably a definite, but i'm not sure if Gangnam Style has officially charted in the US or not.) However there's apparently a corollary to Rule 34 that applies to mashup videos, because it turns out someone has already done that particular combination.

Here's the song:

And here's the music video:

And here's a random geeky music parody of a song i haven't heard. Not sure what to think about it, mainly i'm sharing it cause the Wii is cute :) Except for the bizarre contacts. And it's sad that she drew the short straw or something for her solo segment =P

TURN ME ON - CONSOLE WARS (Nicki Minaj Parody):

And finally, just to add a little non-music stuff, here's a somewhat impressive dinosaur themed dominos thing. Actually the most interesting thing about it is that i didn't realize until now that there were vertically stacking domino equivalents. Clearly i don't watch that many domino vids.

The Fall of the Dinosaurs:
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