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The Debate

So Romney seems intent on proving that if you lie loudly and enthusiastically enough people will think you seem like presidential material. I was pretty sure he was lying at the time, or at the very least misleading, and then i checked the fact-checkers afterwards to confirm it. But i'm not sure if it really matters how badly one opponent in a debate lies if the other opponent doesn't call them on it. Maybe Romney would still have come off seeming energetic and in control if Obama had tried to challenge him on, well, pretty much anything, but i guess we'll never know.

Some of my favorite tweets from during/after the debate:

From what I can glean from Twitter, Romney drank Red Bull, Obama drank NyQuil, and Big Bird spontaneously combusted. About right?

"We didn't cut Medicare ... of course, we didn't have Medicare." - Romney actually just said that. Um. Did you also not cut Vampire Defense?

Apparently, Jim Lehrer's "Your Time Is Up" is roughly as menacing as the "Are You Really 18?" check box on a porno website #mockthevote

Straight up. I thought Romney did better than I expected and Obama did worse. I didn't think either did well, and I KNOW Lehrer lost.

Rewatching clips you can see Romney gets that Lehrer has no teeth, and merely steamrolls him from the open.

Jim Lehrer: "Miss, I-I'd like to order..." Waitress: "SHUT UP NERD I'M NOT FINISHED WITH THE SPECIALS" - at a diner tomorrow #debate

You know, I'm starting to think that Jim Lehrer didn't have to warn the audience not to clap during this. #debates

That wasn't a debate so much as Mitt Romney just took Obama for a cross country drive strapped to the roof of his car.

and finally,

Just got off the phone with the Network. Guys, you did your best, but they've decided to put Biden and Ryan in for the next episode.
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