DonAithnen (donaithnen) wrote,

Farewell summer

Okay, i think summer is officially over. (Cause of course that happens when i say, not based on some stupid calendar ;)

Monday hit a high of 91 degrees according to all the weather web sites. So i decided to head off to the beach about 3:45 and get some rollerblading in, since this might be the last time it would get that warm.

I got there about 4:30 and it was already starting to cool off, especially because it was rather windy. The last time i went out rollerblading i noticed that there was actually a bike path that went split off from the beach and went up the Santa Ana river so i decided to try that out. It was a lot more deserted than the beach path, but the concrete was a little rough, and since it was right next to the river it managed to be even smellier than the beach path =P So i gave up after about a mile and a half and turned around.

However once i was back on the beach and going north the medium strong wind was right in my face, which made it a rather cold hard slog =P Of course once i got to my usual turnaround point i was going downhill and with the wind so it was a lot faster and easier which was nice. However the sun was getting pretty low at that point and the temperature had dropped a fair bit so it still didn't feel very warm.

And in support of my theory that wind sucks: average speed going slightly uphill and into the wind? 6.5 mph, with a peak of what looks like 9.5 mph. Average speed going slightly downhill and with the wind? 8.9 mph, with a peak of 14 mph. (Of course i'm not sure how trustworthy the peaks are when measured via gps.)

While i was out i saw one person para-surfing and one person... para-hanging-in-the-air-doing-nothing, which was kind of cool. I also saw two or three people who looked kind of like shelleycat, which was kind of meh.

And through creative choice of what songs to play the Zombies Run app managed to produce this gem:

"I think I know who patient zero was... deep in the jungle in the land of adventure, lives Tarzan!"

So now you know. We can all blame the zombie apocalypse on Tarzan.

So here are the Zombie Run logs for monday:

(I'm a little curious about how the IDs are generated. How did my second log end up one less than the log before it?)

And while i'm at it, i also went rollerblading the weekend before last, so here are those ones too:
Tags: exercise, rollerblading, zombies

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