DonAithnen (donaithnen) wrote,

Friday Fun Stuff

First, the Honest Trailers for The Avengers is pretty cool. Or at least the first couple minutes are pretty cool. I recommend either turning it off at about 3:00, or sending the Honest Trailers people an email about how the part about "if this movie doesn't make your inner self squeal in delight you're likely dead inside. Or a girl." is _not_ cool.

This is a short, cute, and murdery Super Mario video :)

Apparently there's a group that takes movie clips, and dubs in crazy stuff that matches the lip movements, and they just made one for the Hunger Games. I'm including it because it's kind of impressive, and maybe others will find it more amusing than i did?

Finally, this is a political ad. But it's a pretty awesome political ad

Worksafe version (except for the title for some reason)

Non-worksafe version:

Of course maybe i just think it's awesome because i loved his narration of "Go the F--k to Sleep!"
Tags: fun stuff

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