DonAithnen (donaithnen) wrote,

Buy ALL the things!

This is kind of a pre-emptive Friday Cool Stuff You Can Buy post

First, and most importantly, OCRemix is doing a Kickstarter:

OCRemix has already done a lot of free and very awesome albums ( but now they're trying to do a real semi-offical album of Final Fantasy 6 music. (Apparently they had they kickstarter up before but had to take it down while they worked out some legal arrangements with Squenix?)

Of course by this point they're well past their funding goal and since everything will go up on the OCRemix site for free once it's done you don't _need_ to support the kickstarter to get the music. But it's nice to support a site that gives away such awesome music, and if you're willing to go to the $50 level you can get an actual physical copy of the music :)

The next big thing is the 25 cents Android App sale:

Good news, they're featuring about a dozen apps a day for 25 cents each. Some of them are pretty good, some of them are pretty meh, and some of them are pretty WTF? For 25 cents each though i'm willing to pick up both the good ones and the WTF ones :)

Bad news, it's a different set each day for the next four days. They're not adding new apps to the list, they're replacing them, so one set has already gone by the wayside. (I think just one anyways.) That's part of the reason i'm posting this tonight instead of tomorrow morning :)

Other bad new. Remember how last friday i was talking about picking up either Kairosoft's Epic Astro Story or Dungeon Village? Well after trying the free demos for both i decided to go with Dungeon Village and spent $5 on it. Guess what one of the featured apps for today is? =P

Finally, because it needs the least advertising, Humble Indie Bundle 6 has been out for a bit:

As has been the trend for awhile, it's kind of hard to see some of the games in the bundle as being exactly Indie (Torchlight, i'm looking at you) but that doesn't mean it's not still worth it.

Hmmm, i advertised three things, a bundle of video games, a collection of apps which features several video games, and a kickstarter project for video game music. So this is great if you like video games i guess, otherwise not so much :)
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