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Marketing working as intended

Found out that the Lime Truck _and_ Barcelona on the Go were both supposed to be at the Sports Chalet food truck meetup near home this evening. So i stopped by there and was a little disappointed to find that the Lime Truck went missing somewhere. That wasn't too bad though, since it had been forever since i'd been to Barcelona on the Go. In fact, i spent a fair bit of time wondering if perhaps the last time i'd been to them was with shelleycat. Well i guess at least i won't be wondering that next time.

I got the fries and steak and the bacon wrapped dates which are my two favorites, and also decided to try the brie cheese and mushroom quesadilla.

So for the past week i've been meaning to stop by BevMo and look to see if they had the pumpkin cider i've been hearing about lately. However here i was in the food truck lot, and right next to it was a Total Wine & More. So i went in and started looking through the cider/specialty beer section. I'm not so sure about the prices at TWM compared to BevMo, but i think it does have a better selection of individually bottled things. So i found several different kind of pumpkin drinks, and then couldn't resist picking out several other kinds of beer and cider as well. I ended up paying about $18 for 9 bottles of stuff. Of course since i bought it i've got to try at least a little tonight :) I think i'm going to start with the Banana Bread Beer and the Woodchuck Pumpkin Cider.

In other marketing news, someone brought some Oreos into work today, one package of Neapolitan flavored and one package of Candy Corn flavored :) I'd been hearing about the Candy Corn ones a fair bit on G+ so i tried one of each. Not too fond of the Neapolitan, i'm not especially fond of strawberry flavor. Real strawberries are good, but this wasn't even a particularly good artificial strawberry flavor. I think i actually liked the Candy Corn one better, quite possibly in large part because the Candy Corn flavor was noticeable, but not especially strong. (It's probably also important to note that both varieties were using vanilla flavored cookies, not the usual chocolate cookies.)

I'm not sure if i would actually buy my own package of Candy Corn Oreos now, but i guess their marketing blitz has done its work. Two packages of Oreos were bought that might well not have been bought otherwise, and even if i'm not rushing out to buy a package of the Candy Corn flavored ones, i am thinking about regular Oreos a bit now :)

So i wonder what crazy flavor they'll do to get attention next. I'm not sure, but round about this time next year i'd definitely be interested in trying some Pumpkin Pie Oreos :)
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