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Friday Fun Stuff

First of all, a really cool video someone made of putting a camera in a hula hoop, but i suppose i should warn people that it could be considered NSFW at some places. See the cute girl in the preview shot who's not wearing a great deal of clothes? Some of the other people in the video are wearing even less.

And now for a dose of the other kind of cute, "Cute Kittens Fly in Slow Motion":

Now a couple parody videos. If you're already sick of Gangam style, you should skip these:

Deadpool vs Gangnam Style:

Second, not quite as well done, but even geekier, Gandalf Style!

And if you're really behind on the Gangnam Style thing, it's a Korean song that has taken over the interwebs, presumably because it's so nuts. Here's the original video:

The first i heard about it was when someone made the obvious "Gundam Style" parody, putting CG Gundam heads over the people in the video. Unfortunately as one of the early parodies it was apparently taken down by a DMCA notice before whoever it was figured out that being famous on the internet is probably a good thing. Sure, they'll be a one hit wonder, but better that than a no hit non-wonder.

But in any case i did find one copy of the video, but it's on Vimeo instead of YouTube:

So is that enough to make up for not having anything up last week? :)

(Thanks +Megan Thorsen and +Pamela Mosiejczuk for the relevant videos =)
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