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Poor decisions

The last 18 or so hours has been a trail of minor disasters that have been trailing after me like a thing that trails. (Also, i'm low on sleep. Can you tell? :) And by "minor disasters" mostly what i mean is poor life choices.

I went by CVS on the way home yesterday and picked up both some liquid bandage and some stretchy cloth bandage, based on the advice of and help from various people on LJ and G+ :) While i was there, i noticed they had Halloween candy out already, and i failed my willpower check and got both some Peeps and some Reese's. (The formula Reese's uses for their holiday peanut butter things is significantly different from, and IMHO significantly better than, what they use for their regular peanut butter cups.)

So then i went home, and the first thing i did was put some liquid bandage on my palm. And it felt much better! ...after it had been on there for awhile. But dear gods did it hurt for the first minute or three right after i applied it! Also, it smells kind of funny, and i keep wanting to pick at it, so i might end up covering it with a band-aid just to keep it out of sight from my compulsion and to help contain the smell. But in the meantime, it looks like i have one half of a set of stigmata :)

(Speaking of which, the part of me that has done cosplay in the past is going "Oooohh! I bet you could use this stuff to make great fake scars!" Something i'm sure everyone else who actually knows anything about cosplay has figured out long since.)

But anyways, after that i had some veggies for dinner, did some stuff online, then was going to go to bed early around 9. But then i made one tiny little error. I started up Game Dev Story so i could mess around "just for a few minutes." I honestly have no idea what i was thinking. There was no good reason to do that. I was just messing around with my Nexus 7 and had a sudden compulsion to do it even though i hadn't been thinking about it at all recently.

So i played a little, then a little more, then it was late, and i was hungry, so i snacked on some of the candy i'd just recently gotten, then a little more playing, then some checking of faqs on the internet, then a little more snacking, and then it was a little after 2 am and i'd consumed about 800 calories of candy that i shouldn't have =P My company is doing well though! Squidix (yes, i'm _very_ original) has bout $90 million in the bank and by this point is producing hit game after hit game.

I'd originally been planning to get up early this morning to do some chores before work, but instead i wisely (i hope?) reset my alarm from 3:30 to 7:30 and went to sleep.

So i got into work relatively late, and just about first thing i see that there's a new case of diet coke! Yay! We'd been out for a couple days earlier. In fact this pack must have been just delivered, because no one had opened the plastic wrap on the top yet. So i grabbed the pair of scissors hanging in the closet, cut lengthwise along the flat, then started cutting widthwise, and... BANG! FIZZ! WTH?!? Either that can was defective somehow, or it is _way_ too easy to stab a can of pop with a pair of scissors, causing it to explode and fill the bottom of the flat with pop =P

So i got to spend about five minutes going out to the bathroom, grabbing handfuls of paper towels, and trying to mop up all the pop from the bottom of the box.

I wonder if i'll manage to do anything else particularly "exciting" today? =P
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