DonAithnen (donaithnen) wrote,

More meandering about minor wounds

It's rather harder than one might think to wash one's hair and body without using the palm of one of your hands. I was worried about pulling open the flap of skin, and the slight tugs of pain whenever i did inadvertently use my palm seemed to indicate it was a valid concern. I'm thinking perhaps i should have left the tape on while i showered, which would have been kind of strange but might have been slightly less awkward.

And after having put on a regular band-aid it seems like the band-aid keeps pulling away from the wound when i flex my hand and i'm kind of wishing i had some of that stretch non-stick bandage stuff they use after you donate blood. Can you get rolls of that at the pharmacy? Of course the reason the climbing tape didn't pull away was exactly because it was sticky, so perhaps the non-stick bandage wouldn't actually help.
Tags: ouch

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