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First, an addendum. As mentioned in the last post, everywhere i put on sunscreen yesterday did pretty well, and the places i chose not to put sunscreen did pretty well. However it turns out that there was a palm size spot in the middle of my left shoulder blade that i somehow completely failed to cover, which is now bright pink. I'm not sure how i managed that. It's not even a hard part of my back to reach, in fact it's pretty much right at the spot where my hand goes if i just reach around to my back naturally. It almost looks like i sunscreened myself up, and then got a handfull of anti-sunscreen and slapped myself on the back with it.

In other news, i decided to go to the rock climbing gym today. In part because i ate too much food yesterday =P I did a little bit of climbing but tried not to overdo it, since doctorskuld is supposed to be back in town sometime fairly soon, and if she actually has the time and desire to go climbing i don't want to have worn myself out completely. So after doing about eight climbs i went back to the exercise equipment section to use the pull-up machine for a bit, and managed to rip a patch of skin off of my left palm =P

I didn't even realize at first that i'd done it. I just thought "that seems like a rather odd pulling sensation on me hand," and then slightly later "there it is again, why is my hand doing that?" So i stopped and looked and about a square centimeter flap of skin right in the middle of the palm was hanging loose. I decided i probably ought to stop at that point. I was just going to cut the flap of skin off, but then when i was washing the hand it started hurting, so instead after rinsing it i pressed the flap back down and got some paper towels and tied a crude paper bandage around the hand.

Then i went to the mall, because i'd been planning to get dinner there anyways, and it seemed like too much trouble to stop by home first to get a real band-aid. But when i got to the mall i had the brilliant idea that perhaps i should stop by REI. They might have band-aids, and more importantly they might have the kind of tape stuff people put on their hands, presumably in part to stop things like this from happening. So i went by there and did indeed find some "climbing tape." They also had some band-aids, but only in very small very expensive bundles designed to go in first aid kits, so i decided to pass on that. I got the tape (along with some more caffeinated jelly beans and a few other snacks =) and ditched the paper towel and replaced it with some of the tape, which worked _much_ better. Then i went by B&N to buy some books and got some dinner at Daphne's.

Although now i'm wondering, i just had a lot of yummy food an hour or two ago, so why am i _still_ hungry? *whines*
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