DonAithnen (donaithnen) wrote,

Lube makes everything better!

I got up moderately early yesterday morning, or at least moderately early for a weekend. I headed off to the beach about 10:15 and went rollerblading. And the difference wasn't extreme, but it felt like the rollerblades were going noticeably smoother and easier now that the bearings have been cleaned and oiled and the wheels rotated.

And the weather was actually warm! And the sky was clear! And there was wind, but it wasn't too bad! All in all it was awesome!

I did think about the fact that i was going out in the middle of the day rather than my usual afternoon times, and checked the UV rating in the weather report, and decided i should use some sunscreen. I went with the SPF 15 stuff, and by the time i was done there was a slight pink tinge to the areas i'd used the sunscreen on, which i think means that was probably the right choice. Or at least SPF 30 would definitely have been overkill, and it's not like there's SPF 16 or 17 that i could have used instead.

I didn't use any sunscreen on my lower arms, because they're fairly tan already. They did turn somewhat pink, but not too bad. However i didn't even think about my legs at all, because they don't usually seem to get impacted by the sun. And besides, when it's close to noon it ought to be my head and shoulders and back that are most at risk, not my mostly vertical legs. However i discovered later that the backs of my calves were rather pink. Again not _too_ badly, but i'm kind of surprised.

So here are the two Zombies Run missions i did.

Notable my average speed was 8.04-9.29 mph, compared to the 6.13 - 8.42 mpg averages of previous runs. I'm not sure how much of that was due to the oiled bearings, and how much was due to the extra warmth.
Tags: exercise, rollerblading

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