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Meandering about rollerblading

Well damn, there may be no Wumpskate this month (*cries*) but it's actually supposed to be warm this week! The current forecast says high of 82 today, 84 tomorrow, 86 wednesday, 88 thursday, and 91 friday and saturday before going back down again. Clearly that means i need to find time to go rollerblading in the afternoon :) (Though those numbers are for where i work, it will probably be a couple degrees cooler back home.)

Only problem is, my schedule is somewhat unknowable this week. Normally there's boardgaming thursday night, but last week we did some gaming on wednesday and some on thursday, and Ruin _might_ become a regular friday night club, but Xian won't find out about that until wednesday. I got in late to work today because i was expecting Wumpskate in the evening so i couldn't really go home early and do it this afternoon, but that's okay because it's only going to get warmer later.

I guess i can wait till wednesday or thursday and see if there's going to be another Ruin on friday, and if so then i can blow boardgaming on thursday (if it's happening) and go skating then, and if not then i can go skating on friday.
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