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New Safehold book

So one of the things that io9 calender from last week reminded me about is the release of David Weber's new Safehold book, "Midst Toil and Tribulation", in fact the cover for the book is the headline image for the article. And right away i notice that it seems to show an uncloaked ship flying over a major battle, which brings to mind all kinds of questions. Of course covers always lie, so it's quite possible that that exact scene never happens in the book, or the ship (i forget what they call it in the book, Skimmer? Shuttle? Scout ship?) is there but is cloaked at the time. (Obviously drawing a cloaked ship in a piece of art is problematic =) Or maybe they just threw it in there because it looked cool that way, and they wanted to be sure bookstore browsers realized it had swords _and_ spaceships :)

But in any case, i definitely need to leave some space free for that later this month. In fact, i should decide if i want to repeat earlier patterns and re-listen to the previous book in the series before the new one comes out. (For the third and possibly fourth books i re-listened to all the previous books, but i'm definitely not doing _that_ this time.)

The only problem (aside from the sheer amount of time required) is that i'm not that happy with the voice actor for the fifth book. The first two had the awesome Oliver Wyman. The second two switched to Jason Culp, and although the change was a little jarring he did quite a good job as well. Then with the fifth book they switched readers again, and i'm not very pleased with the new guy. I'm sure he's generally fine as a voice actor, but he's just not right for this series in my mind. I'm really hoping they'll switch again for the sixth book. Ideally back to Wyman or Culp of course, but if they're not available i'd be willing to gamble on someone new. (Hmmm, Stefan Rudnicki or Grover Gardner would be very interesting choices =)

Of course perhaps if we _are_ stuck with the same guy for the sixth book, perhaps inoculating myself with the fifth book first would help.

Of course the fact that we're 2-3 weeks away from the release and so far at least i haven't found any word online about who the reader is makes me worry about if they'll actually have it ready on the hardback release day or not. Of course they've been spot on for all the other books, and it's possible they're keeping that card close to their chests.
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