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Friday Awesome Stuff

Okay, this is awesome enough that i thought it deserved its own post.

io9 apparently does a monthly thing where they put together a calendar of all the cool SF/F stuff coming out in the upcoming month. Here's the one for September:

At least i'm presuming they do this every month, since this is the first one i've seen. I really need to start reading io9 more. I'd never even heard of the site until it started showing up under the "SciFi" and "Science Fiction" sections of my news app. Then for awhile after that it was "that damn site with the cool articles that keep breaking in the mobile version", but thankfully that's been fixed, and now it's just the site that keeps coming up with cool articles. Also, it looks like one of their frequent contributors is Charlie Jane Anders, who i just saw win a Hugo last weekend :)

But anyways, the calender covers new book releases, author events, new episodes of shows, new movies, DVD releases, and conventions. I do wonder a bit about the criteria for getting listed. It includes two conventions for last weekend, "Kumoricon" and "Saboten Con", but not DragonCon and WorldCon/Chicon7. Which is odd because the article is by... Charlie Jane Anders. So she chose not to advertise the convention at which she ended up winning a Hugo?

Maybe they don't advertise the big conventions because they think everyone already knows about them? But if so then why put big movies like Resident Evil, Dredd and Looper on there? Or big DVD releases like The Avengers?

But in any case, it's still an awesome resource, and one that i'll hopefully remember to take more advantage of in the future.
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