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The club Ruin is doing a "special one time only" event tonight. I'd really like to go, partially because i haven't been clubbing in weeks, and there wasn't that much dancing at WorldCon, and partially cause i'd like to help support Ruin after they lost their regular saturday night time slot.

On the other hand, i've been really tired all week for some reason, and i've got stuff scheduled on saturday for shortly after noon, and stuff scheduled sunday, and Wumpskate on monday. Maybe i should just spend saturday night catching up on sleep? But that would be so booooring. Also, this isn't going to be at the Monte Cristo, but at "333 Live", some place i've never been to before, and i've got this mild dislike of going to new places.

I guess i can wait and see how i feel tonight. I suppose i could take a nap in the early evening instead of listening to the Video Game Music show as well.
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