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WorldCon Tweets

Here all all the tweets i made involving WorldCon, if anyone who hasn't already read them cares.

--Pre-Con Stuff--
8:03 PM - 2012 Aug 29
I know #chicon7 isn't #dragoncon, but I wonder if I should pack my kilt anyways?

8:07 PM - 2012 Aug 29
Before bed I should _definitely_ check the directions from airport to the con and.... what do you mean the #chicon7 website is down?!?

9:33 PM - 2012 Aug 29
@wilw Careful there, with all the sunglasses flying around you might end up with a *sunglasses* Glassy Gnoll.

--First "Day"--
7:49 AM - 2012 Aug 30
Made it to the airport and through security 75 minutes before boarding time, yay!

7:50 AM - 2012 Aug 30
Now the important question, what did I forget to pack this time? :)

9:21 AM - 2012 Aug 30
I'm leaving, on a jet plane... that smells like toilet, yuck =P

3:50 PM - 2012 Aug 30
I have a stupid question. What airport am I in right now? =P

3:53 PM - 2012 Aug 30
Oh! O'Hare! At least I assume the O'Hare CTA station is in the O'Hare airport :) #chicon7

3:55 PM - 2012 Aug 30
@exaggerated Oh hey! Which airport are _you_ in? :)

4:01 PM - 2012 Aug 30
@Kirinn Sure! I can kill some time outside the CTA blue line station downstairs, unless there's somewhere else I should wait?

4:20 PM - 2012 Aug 30
@Kirinn @exaggerated What? You didn't want to use the restrooms on the plane? But they have such a lovely smell! ;) #StockholmSyndrome

12:40 AM - 2012 Aug 30
There are no dances at #chicon7, so I guess I'll go be antisocial at parties instead =P #NotIntentionally

2:16 AM - 2012 Aug 31
Just past 2 am, and if there's anything still going on at #chicon7 besides two almost dead parties, I don't know where to find it #sadface

--Second "Day"--
10:08 AM - 2012 Aug 31
On the plus side, the lack of nightlife does mean I got a little over six hours of sleep :)

12:33 PM - 2012 Aug 31
The lady who was loudly rustling in her bag for a snack bag to loudly rustle in is now loudly complaining the panelists need to speak up =P

4:48 PM - 2012 Aug 31
@Kirinn so when you guys thinking about doing food?

9:32 PM - 2012 Aug 31
Going down 25 flights of stairs is hard, or at least it made me kind of dizzy :) #chicon7

10:13 PM - 2012 Aug 31
Of the guys in their 20-40s dancing at geek prom right now, I think I'm the most attractive one here... and also the only one =P #chicon7

10:25 PM - 2012 Aug 31
Okay, two ten year old(?) girls wildly dancing to "Bad Touch" is both amusing and kinda disturbing

10:31 PM - 2012 Aug 31
Ow ow ow leg cramp ow ow

11:31 PM - 2012 Aug 31
@qrevolution Sadly, there were no 20-40 girls there at the time either, at least not out dancing. (It did pick up a little later though)

2:32 AM - 2012 Sep 1
So apparently Barfleet was where the party was at... until we managed to set off the fire alarm. Cause we were so hot I guess? #chicon7

--Third "Day"--
9:20 AM - 2012 Sep 1
In last 24 hrs all I've had to drink has been 3 beers, a Mike's hard lemonade, a "butterbeer" & a rum & coke. Why do I feel fine? #chicon7

11:06 AM - 2012 Sep 1
Last person into the room at 3:30 am this morning, but only the second to last out at 10:20 am :) #chicon7

11:12 AM - 2012 Sep 1
Cute girl wearing nekomimi ears walks by. The ears suddenly perk up. Not sure how to interpret. #chicon7

11:18 AM - 2012 Sep 1
Just spent an outrageous amount on a tube of toothpaste at the in-hotel store because I couldn't find my travel size tube when packing.

11:19 AM - 2012 Sep 1
And will probably have to throw this one away at the airport in two days =P

12:33 PM - 2012 Sep 1
Just spent fifteen minutes chatting with the cute girl at the alt.kilt booth. :) I don't _think_ she minded.

4:48 PM - 2012 Sep 1
Long-haired shy submissive person in skirt seeks aggressive buff short-haired person in pants to take charge #amused #DeceptiveDescriptions

4:51 PM - 2012 Sep 1
Prior post of course prompted by guy in kilt grumbling to self "she's cute, too bad she's wearing a skirt instead of pants" :) #chicon7

6:28 PM - 2012 Sep 1
Taking the stairs up 27 stories: harder than taking the stairs down 25 stories was. #chicon7

9:34 PM - 2012 Sep 1
Hmmm, the Montreal/New Zealand party certainly does have some pretty tasty booze. Mmmm, maple whiskey. #chicon7

9:40 PM - 2012 Sep 1
Drinking the Quebec maple whiskey, but imagining it's Vorkosigan district maple mead #chicon7 #vorkosigan #bujold

10:32 PM - 2012 Sep 1
Oh hey, that guy I was randomly joking with on the elevator about throwing up booze turned out to be Joe Haldeman :) #chicon7 #amused

11:07 PM - 2012 Sep 1
@jrittenhouse Don't know if the newsletter is online, but hopefully that will help :) #chicon7

--Fourth and Fifth "Days"--
9:19 AM - 2012 Sep 2
Wow, somehow I didn't realize how heavy the kilt was til this morning when I'm wearing shorts instead. Feel so much lighter now! #chicon7

9:23 AM - 2012 Sep 2
I win! Got to bed at 4am-ish, got up at 8:45, and successfully signed up for two Kaffeeklatschs! #chicon7

9:28 AM - 2012 Sep 2
Though wish I'd realized how stiff competition was going to be _before_ missing/wait-listed on John G Hemry, Scalzi and Sawyer =P #chicon7

10:38 AM - 2012 Sep 2
Ooh ee ooh ah ah, ow ow crampy crampy sore legs #chicon7

1:21 PM - 2012 Sep 2
Woohoo! Three mains and one alt didn't show up, so I was the last one into the @scalzi kaffeeklatsch! I win! #chicon7

8:04 PM - 2012 Sep 2
Woot! Made it to four klatches/bheers! Awesome day! Now trying to decide about going to the Hugo award ceremony or not. #chicon7

10:36 PM - 2012 Sep 2
#Chicon7 Party list for Sunday night:

10:40 PM - 2012 Sep 2
Once more unto the breach dear friends, third time's the charm, i'm gonna avoid Hugo rush and take the stairs up to the parties #chicon7

10:49 PM - 2012 Sep 2
@exaggerated It was fun, in a slightly masochistic kind of way :) So which parties will you be at?

10:50 PM - 2012 Sep 2
@exaggerated Oops nevermind my other question :( Feel better soon!

12:14 AM - 2012 Sep 2
Why does wandering around con parties keep reminding me of how nice it is to be touched? Nevermind, strike that, stupid question.

1:57 AM - 2012 Sep 2
Heard drifting across the party in a moment of conversational silence: "we're not talking about fisting" #Chicon7

2:20 AM - 2012 Sep 3
Girls i was talking to decided to friend me on facebook, that means I probably wasn't being a creeper in that particular instance, right?

3:48 AM - 2012 Sep 3
Tipsiness rising, odds of sleeping before my 11:30 flight falling. Go Convergence party! #chicon7

5:31 AM - 2012 Sep 3
Think this may be the first time i'be done a late night tipsy political/moral discussion with a group of people post party #Chicon7

7:33 AM - 2012 Sep 3
Oops, it's 7:30 am, I should probably stop partying and start packing =P

8:18 AM - 2012 Sep 3
All packed and ready to go. Sad to be leaving #Chicon7 :(

10:22 AM - 2012 Sep 3
At gate with 25 minutes till boarding. Not great, but certainly could have been worse.

Also, since there doesn't seem to be a generic WorldCon logo that i can find (just con-specific logos for each year) i think i'm going to use one of the Hugo icons for both WorldCon and Hugo related posts.
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