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So i got back from WorldCon yesterday, and after a couple hours checking the web to see what happened while i was away i fell asleep for 13 hours. Four of those hours however were spent pressing the snooze button, so i'm not sure how restful they were =P

Amazingly, i did not gain lots of weight at the con! In fact, i actually set a new low record this morning! Apparently you can make up for eating lots of food, munching on lots of snacks, and drinking lots of booze by walking lots of hallways, climbing lots of stairs, a lot of general standing around, and a little bit of dancing. Woot!

My cat was veeeeery happy to see me when i got back (thank you so much for helping take care of her doctorskuld!) and has been acting veeeery needy. She's currently sitting in my lap and purring, and is going to be rather unhappy when i have to push her off and head off to work round about, well, right now actually =/
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