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Ever had one of those days that sucked for absolutely no good reason?

Yesterday seemed like a perfectly good day when i got up. Tuesday had been awesome and there was no reason to think wednesday wouldn't be pretty good too. And nothing tangible happened to make it a crappy day. I can't even think of a specific point where it became crappy. And yet somehow when it came time to head home from work i felt like crap.

I decided to go to bed early, woke up early after six or seven hours of sleep, and still feel kind of crappy. Of course yesterday didn't _start_ crappy, so maybe a reverse alchemy will happen and by the end of the day today i'll feel great for no particular good reason.

This time i'm pretty sure i started feeling crappy first and _then_ started thinking about shelleycat, because of course shelleycat could just about always make me feel better when life sucked.
Tags: whiny

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