DonAithnen (donaithnen) wrote,

Friday Fun Stuff

So geekiest thing first, i'm sure there are a lot of fan made portal videos out there, but this one is pretty darn good.

Portal: Terminal Velocity:

Second, i've encountered a couple new songs at Malediction and Wumpskate recently. Actually, i've encountered a lot of new songs, but two i liked well enough and remembered well enough to track down (with a little help, thanks balivatn =)

Metric - Help I'm Alive:

And One - Back Home:

According to wikipedia, Metric is a Canadian indie rock band and And One is a "German New Wave, synthpop and EBM band". Judging by the number of hits on the videos i'd say that one is just a tiny bit more popular than the other.

Finally, just cause, someone put together a composite video of every clip of maniacal laughter from every movie ever. Okay, not _all_ of them, but it does kinda seem that way :)

100 Greatest Maniacal Movie Laughs
Tags: fun stuff, movies, music, video games

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