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Monday night was Wumpskate night. The theme was Army of Darkness, because apparently it's the something or other anniversary of the film. I was running a little late so i didn't get there til about 9:45. I didn't notice a lot of people in costume this time, but there was a significant overabundance of cute, dark haired girls wearing glasses :) Also, maybe it happened during the 45 minutes before i got there, but for the whole rest of the night the DJ didn't make us turn around and skate in the other direction even once :)

Also on the plus side, one person said they liked my Three Creeper Moon shirt, or at least she said something like "Minecraft is awesome" in passing and i'm jumping to the conclusion that it was in relation to the Minecraft shirt i was wearing and not some kind of weird Minecraft Tourette syndrome. So i guess i made the right wardrobe choice for the night. After all, creepers _are_ related to zombies, right? =)

On the not so good side of things, the speakers at the skating rink have continued to deteriorate. They were talking about getting them fixed a couple months ago, but clearly either that never happened, or they got the shortest warranty in the history of ever.

They wrapped things up right around midnight, so i got home around 1 am, got to bed around 2, and _tried_ to get up at 5:30, but didn't actually make it out of bed till 6:30 or 7.
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