DonAithnen (donaithnen) wrote,

Stupid brain/body

Bah, i didn't check the exact time, but i think i spent close to 45 minutes in the shower this morning =P I got under the luke warm water (cause it's been hot the last couple days/nights) and relaxed and got distracted thinking about all kinds of random things, and next thing i knew it was _much_ later than it ought to have been. Luckily Wumpskate is tonight so i wasn't planning on getting into work especially early, but not quite as late as i actually did.

*cough* Of course since i didn't bother showering over the weekend, since i spent almost all the time at home by myself, my running _average_ time in the shower over the last few days isn't too bad. Of course that may have contributed to why my body was so happy to get wet and clean and let my brain blank out.

(Also, note to self, i need an alternate less-cute "sticking tongue out" icon for use when i'm mildly peeved at myself/the universe)

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