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Stupid commercials

I'm burning through old Daily Show and Colbert Report episodes to make room for recording True Blood. Which means that i have the power to fast forward through commercials but frequently don't bother mustering the effort to do so.

So now i'm wondering why Bud Light has (or at least had a month or two when this episode was recorded) a "Pitbull" commercial (presumably Pitbull is the guy in the commercial, not a sub-type of the beer?) in which Bud Light "gets the party started." And by "get the party started" they apparently mean magically transform all the girls in the club into "sexy." At least i presume that's what's supposed to be going on. I couldn't actually tell the difference between before and after the CG swirly effect, but it was only happening to the girls, all the guys were staying just the way they were, and i can't think of what else they could be intending to get across. If it was everyone in the club that was getting magically transformed that would be one thing, but when it's exclusively the girls that need to change that seems rather disturbing.

Okay, i'm gonna go back to trying to ignore the commercials now.
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