DonAithnen (donaithnen) wrote,

Defense Grid 2 and other Kickstarters

First, the most important Kickstarter to me. Shortly after we moved into this apartment Steam did their usual giant winter holiday sale. One of the games i picked up was Defense Grid. I actually picked up a lot of games, but Defense Grid was the one that really sucked me in. It's a very well done tower defense game, with good graphics, an actual story (with good voice acting) and a couple interesting twists to the usual tower defense gameplay.

What really made it special to me though was that shelleycat saw me playing it and got sucked in too. She got her own copy and we spent a fair bit of time both playing the game "together." (This was a pattern that eventually repeated when we both got into Gemcraft Labyrinth.)

So now the company that did Defense Grid is doing a Kickstarter to fund Defense Grid 2. There are four days left and they're about $5000 short of their $250,000 goal. Sadly it seems pretty clear that they're not going to reach the much cooler "stretch" goals for higher funding levels, but i'm really hoping they can at least reach the minimum.

Notably, just about any level of funding you do gets you a copy of the original Defense Grid game as well as Defense Grid 2.

Some other Kickstarters that i find interesting:

"Project Giana" this is a sequel to the Great Giana Sisters game, a clone of Super Mario Bros that ran into legal difficulties with Nintendo. I never got to play that game when it first came out, but i discovered it via it's msuic (which seems pretty good) through OCRemix much later, so i was very interested to see this project pop up.

Castle Story seems to be an attempt to turn Minecraft into an RTS. Looks kind of interesting to me.

Last and definitely not least, Some friends-of-friends are trying to start a savory pie food truck up in Seattle. (I would have headlined with them, but they've already made their goal, so anything else at this point is just gravy. Presumably tasty meat pie gravy.)
Tags: crowding, food trucks, fun stuff, kickstarter, video games

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