DonAithnen (donaithnen) wrote,

Another week, another weight

08-02: 184.6 lbs - 45.2 lbs fat - 24.5% fat - 26.7 BMI
08-03: 184.5 lbs - 45.1 lbs fat - 24.5% fat - 26.7 BMI
08-04: 182.2 lbs - 43.7 lbs fat - 24.0% fat - 26.3 BMI
08-05: 182.3 lbs - 43.8 lbs fat - 24.1% fat - 26.3 BMI
08-06: 184.2 lbs - 45.0 lbs fat - 24.5% fat - 26.6 BMI
08-07: 182.7 lbs - 44.1 lbs fat - 24.2% fat - 26.4 BMI
08-08: 182.8 lbs - 43.9 lbs fat - 24.1% fat - 26.4 BMI
08-09: 184.7 lbs - 45.0 lbs fat - 24.4% fat - 26.7 BMI

Full data with charts still here.

This week looks very slightly better than last week. Still bouncing around way too much, but i think the average is about a pound lower than the previous week. So not a lot of progress, but at least some?

In more depressing news, i think i've lost some weight from my legs, particularly my calves, which is about the last place i'd like to lose weight from.

I'm not sure if it's fat i've lost from there or muscle. The reason why it's the last place i'd like to lose weight from is that it's the one part of my body that's relatively well defined and doesn't look like it has a lot of fat. There may be fat hidden away inside that i've lost, or i may just be losing muscle, i dunno.

Not that smaller calves is a bad thing in general (shelleycat liked my legs, but also thought i looked kind of unbalanced with huge legs and tiny arms) but my preference would probably be to first lose weight from belly/torso, then butt, then thighs, and then calves. But as everyone knows it's always the part that everyone wants to lose weight from that loses it last. (Bad design that (well, okay, it's probably just a psychological tautology))
Tags: exercise

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