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Rollerblading and Zombies

I left work a little early today (not as early as i would have liked, but still fairly early) and went straight to the beach and went rollerblading for the first time in, uh, months maybe? Well, not counting Wumpskate anyways.

I also tried out the "Zombies Run!" app for the first time in, er, *checks website* since June 18th it looks like, if i'm reading this right.

Anyways though, it's definitely improved! Whatever the problem with the GPS was it seems to be fixed now! It seemed to keep reasonable track of how far i went and zombies swarmed me multiple times. Once right before the big hill, i was very lucky to shake them off before i got to it or i would have been eaten for sure!

It also now fades the music down a bit when i find items. (Today i found thee pairs of pants. Perhaps the game feels i wasn't wearing enough clothing? :)

Also, the website has vastly improved. It now shows a map with my path on it, what songs were played, complete with where i was when they were played (interesting note, the first song it decided to play was Rob Zombie's "Living Dead Girl" :) and all kinds of other info tidbits. It also tells me how many calories i burned. I'm not sure i believe it. It says i burned 854 calories. CardioTrainer says i burned 880 calories. However CardioTrainer thinks i went 10.5 miles, while Zombies Run! only thinks i went 6.55 miles because i turned it off near the end. (Was getting a little tired, and didn't want to get mobbed by any more zombies.) Even though they figured out how to account for different modes of transportation in terms of escaping from the zombies it presumably has no way of knowing that i'm skating and not running REALLY fast and doesn't know how to adjust the calories.

Oh yeah, and once you finish a mission not only does it keep going letting you collect more stuff, but if you've got music playing it has an in-universe radio station with a gay couple as DJs who will do little bits of banter inbetween songs :)

So i tried telling the website that i wanted to share my run, so let's see if anyone else can access this:

But yes, the app is MUCH improved. And now i should have a snack and go to bed and hope my right leg doesn't decide to cramp up the way it feels like it's inclined to do right now =P
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