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Weekend so far

It's another busy weekend. Well, thursday isn't technically a weekend, but it was almost as good as one. doctorskuld needed a place to crash for one night between when she moved out of her old apartment and into her new apartment, so we got to hang out all evening. We went to dinner at the Lazy Dog, then watched some Olympics while digesting, then played some Theaterhythm and JukeBeat, then watched two episodes of Doctor Who (the new ones of course.) I think prior to this i've seen four episodes (including one of the season endings =) so i increased my total by 50% Hopefully i won't be forced to continue that progression, it could get awkward after awhile :) We watched the very first episode, then skipped way ahead to "Blink."

Friday was pretty much just listening to the Video Game Music Show and watching a couple episodes of the Daily Show and the Colbert Report to free up space on my DVR so there will be room to record the next True Blood episode tomorrow night. (Well, technically tonight now =)

Saturday i went over to thaisa's place and we grabbed some lunch and then watched all six episodes of Sherlock. (For those not especially aware of the series, that means it was about a 9 hour marathon =) So i'm now fully up to date with that, and can now wait with everyone else for the next three episodes next year. (Unless of course they get delayed so Freeman and Cumberbatch can go film/record the extra scenes necessary to fill out the third Hobbit movie =P)

Sunday i'm going to a housewarming party, so i suspect i will not be continuing the trend of watching lots and lots of British stuff :)
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