DonAithnen (donaithnen) wrote,

Oh look, weight

Didn't get around to doing this post yesterday, and i've been kinda busy this week so i haven't managed to collect enough stuff for a fun post yet, so you get this instead. Happy friday? :)

07-26: 186.0 lbs - 46.2 lbs fat - 24.9% fat - 26.9 BMI
07-27: 184.2 lbs - 44.8 lbs fat - 24.4% fat - 26.6 BMI
07-28: 183.4 lbs - 44.3 lbs fat - 24.2% fat - 26.5 BMI
07-29: 185.3 lbs - 45.7 lbs fat - 24.7% fat - 26.8 BMI
07-30: 185.4 lbs - 45.5 lbs fat - 24.6% fat - 26.8 BMI
07-31: 183.7 lbs - 44.5 lbs fat - 24.3% fat - 26.5 BMI
08-01: 186.8 lbs - 46.4 lbs fat - 24.9% fat - 27.0 BMI
08-02: 184.6 lbs - 45.2 lbs fat - 24.5% fat - 26.7 BMI
08-03: 184.5 lbs - 45.1 lbs fat - 24.5% fat - 26.7 BMI

As usual, full spreadsheet here

So are there any Google Docs spreadsheet gurus around? I decided to "zoom in" on the last two weeks since it was getting a little hard to see the details in the full charts, so there are three new charts below the original three over on the right. And first let me say that doing that was far more painful than it should have been. When i tried to copy the charts it said it saved a "chart image" to the "web clipboard." I then couldn't figure out how to paste _from_ the web clipboard, though i didn't spend that much time trying to figure it out since a "chart image" doesn't sound like it would have created a real copy of the chart anyways.

So after copying the three charts by hand, i then modified the ranges to just include the last two weeks. However that means i can't just check the "Use row X as headers" checkbox to get headers. I tried to figure out how to add just the row with the data i want to use at headers, but it told me i was breaking the rules for that kind of chart. Then i tried to figure out how to add headers by hand in the "Customize" section, but i couldn't find anything there either. Anyone know how to fix that? Either a way to edit the headers directly or to include a separate row (or in my case, a couple pieces of a separate row) for use as headers?

But in any case, the two week view seems to confirm what i was thinking. I'm currently doing a lot of bouncing up and down lately and not making a huge amount of progress. I should probably look into getting some extra exercise this weekend or next week. Rollerblading? (Should check weather report.) Dancing? Dunno.
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