DonAithnen (donaithnen) wrote,

Theatrhythm (Again)

This is mostly just a response to kirinn in regards to the last post about Theatrhythm, which proceeded to get totally out of control, so i'll cut it.

Well part of the problem with the Amano-influenced Dissidia line-up is they took people with cool colored haor and turned most of them blonde =P (Yes, i know that was already the case in the original concept art, but i don't care. That's not the way they were in the games.)

Not that i've actually looked at the Dissida stuff much since i don't have a PSP.

I've perfect chained several Dark Notes, of course i've also played a lot of Dark Notes. According to my ProfiCard...

Rhythmia - 36736
Trophies - 18/64
Playtime - 21:54
Challenge songs cleared - 69
Perfect Chain Challenge songs - 22
Total Dark Notes cleared - 95
Perfect Chain Dark Notes - 7
Distinct Dark Notes cleared - 35

So far i've unlocked Cid, Rydia, Faris, Locke, Aerith, Vivi, Yuna, and Ashe.

I've got 1 golden shard, 4 silver shards, 5 grey shards, 3 white shards, and 7 rainbow shards.

I got my main party up to level 99, so i gave Vaan the Exp Hound ability and paired him up with Faris, Aerith and Rydia, all at level 1, so i could accumulate a bunch of low level notes while leveling Vaan up. Though i'm starting to worry about if there's a limit to how many Dark Notes you can have :) Once Vaan hits 99 i'll start leveling up Cid in the same way (because i just found out about the Libra skill) and so on until i'm back up to a full party of level 99s and getting level 99 Dark Notes.

Oh, and i managed to do one street pass so far, and it turns out you get a new Dark Note every time you clear one for the first time, so i've got a "backup" note now, not that i really need it.

And i've now encountered one Dark Note where i didn't get the Moogle, but definitely missed out on the person at the end a lot more, even when hitting all the notes.
Tags: music, video games
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