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28 July 2012 @ 01:03 am
Theatrhythm (Again)  
This is mostly just a response to kirinn in regards to the last post about Theatrhythm, which proceeded to get totally out of control, so i'll cut it.

Well part of the problem with the Amano-influenced Dissidia line-up is they took people with cool colored haor and turned most of them blonde =P (Yes, i know that was already the case in the original concept art, but i don't care. That's not the way they were in the games.)

Not that i've actually looked at the Dissida stuff much since i don't have a PSP.

I've perfect chained several Dark Notes, of course i've also played a lot of Dark Notes. According to my ProfiCard...

Rhythmia - 36736
Trophies - 18/64
Playtime - 21:54
Challenge songs cleared - 69
Perfect Chain Challenge songs - 22
Total Dark Notes cleared - 95
Perfect Chain Dark Notes - 7
Distinct Dark Notes cleared - 35

So far i've unlocked Cid, Rydia, Faris, Locke, Aerith, Vivi, Yuna, and Ashe.

I've got 1 golden shard, 4 silver shards, 5 grey shards, 3 white shards, and 7 rainbow shards.

I got my main party up to level 99, so i gave Vaan the Exp Hound ability and paired him up with Faris, Aerith and Rydia, all at level 1, so i could accumulate a bunch of low level notes while leveling Vaan up. Though i'm starting to worry about if there's a limit to how many Dark Notes you can have :) Once Vaan hits 99 i'll start leveling up Cid in the same way (because i just found out about the Libra skill) and so on until i'm back up to a full party of level 99s and getting level 99 Dark Notes.

Oh, and i managed to do one street pass so far, and it turns out you get a new Dark Note every time you clear one for the first time, so i've got a "backup" note now, not that i really need it.

And i've now encountered one Dark Note where i didn't get the Moogle, but definitely missed out on the person at the end a lot more, even when hitting all the notes.
Kirin: kirinkirinn on July 29th, 2012 02:58 pm (UTC)
Finally got that Perfect Dark Note Chain trophy - I'd perfected plenty of stages while doing Dark Notes, just never both in the same one until recently, through sheer (bad) luck.

My current stats:
Rhythmia - 52774 Trophies - 23/64 Playtime - 32:06
Challenge clears - 109 Challenge Perfect Chains - 20
Total Dark Notes - 72 Perffect Chains - 1 Distinct Dark Notes - 36

So basically I've been playing longer, but you've been grinding a bit more and are better at perfect chains. ;)

I have the same unlocks as you excpet I have Minwu and not Rydia. Other shards are 2 gold, 7 green, 4 grey, 2 purple, 6 white, 3 navy, 1 black, and 2 rainbow. Looks like I'm slightly ahead of you in total there, but man your game has been generous with the rainbows (unless you were grinding them specifically I guess).

Limit to dark notes is 99 I believe. Haven't got any streetpasses, though I did use the "delete the last note" to "reset" my grind level once. But at this point when I'm grinding I'm mostly aiming to generate low-50s Notes so I have all the shard color possibilities. Even killing the boss 2-3 times in a low-level note with a high-level party has a pretty bad rate of return when I'm likely to already be maxed on, say, two of the three colors it drops.

Sprung for any DLC yet? I'm starting to get tempted...
DonAithnen: Games: Terraria: Terradonaithnen on July 29th, 2012 07:20 pm (UTC)

Let's see, i've got:

Lv 28 with Red/Green/Rainbow that i've cleared 6 times
Lv 29 with Crimson/Rainbow/Turquise that i've cleared 3 times
Lv 31 with ???/Rainbow/Turquise that i've cleared 3 times
Lv 41 with Crimson/Grey/Rainbow that i've cleared 7 times

Those were in the first 16 Dark Notes i got, before i rest them back down to a lower level. And most of those runs were with a level 80-99 party that could kill the boss at least twice, and i think on some of them three times.

And i finally got the 8th shard yesterday, except i don't seem to have any new maps that have Rainbow Shards. I guess Vaan's Treasure Hunter kicked in in a big way? Although i hope that doesn't mean that in after collecting all the shards a significant proportion of the Treasure Hunter effect will be wasted.

As for DLC, so far i've picked up:

FF6 - Battle
FF2 - Battle Theme 1
FF4 - The Final Battle
FF5 - In Search of Light
FF10 - A Fleeting Dream

I mainly got Fleeting Dream because it was supposed to be easy to clear on Ultimate and have a good Exp Hound Scroll drop rate, and it seems to have worked for me, though i've gotten several more scrolls entirely randomly from other songs.

And hmmm, with a limit of 99 notes i'm going to have to start making some decisions soon about what to delete.
Kirin: kirinkirinn on July 30th, 2012 02:01 pm (UTC)
I don't think I've cleared any of my DNs more than 3 or 4 times... usually get bored and make a new one instead. But I also kind of skipped from low level notes to low-50s notes - which got me a few navy and black shards, but is probably making it a little harder to collect the other colors.

And that's weird, I didn't think Treasure Hunter affected DN boss drops since they're fixed (after being randomly generated) and (so I'd heard) all of equal probability. And I didn't think any non-bosses were capable of dropping shards. Huh.

I broke down and got the FF6 and FF4 DLC battle tracks.

Only ever seen one Exp Hound scroll so far, and haven't used it yet, though I'm tempted to slap it on Locke now or Rydia when I unlock her shortly.

Edit: Forgot I was also going to add: I seem to have managed to screw up my non-stylus hand/wrist/tendons by holding up the 3DS too long or too hard while doing a bunch of Ultimate scores slouched on the couch, so I may have to slow down for a little while. :P

Edited at 2012-07-30 03:31 pm (UTC)
Kirin: kirinkirinn on August 1st, 2012 03:37 pm (UTC)
Yay, my hand got better. Put in some grinding and unlocked Rydia and Seifer, and now have 4 gold, 4 purple, 7 white, 6 navy, 1 black, and 7 rainbow. Looks like Sephy will be my straggler. Since I haven't been doing much Exp Hound shenanigans, I have to keep shuffling my party to keep generating DNs in the low 50s, but it's kind of nice not using the same characters all the time. The main drawback, though, is that Cid keeps eating more of my "level pool" while still being fairly useless aside from the L3 Libra I have him in there for... I think he's the only one who learns it.
DonAithnen: happydonaithnen on August 1st, 2012 09:32 pm (UTC)
(Responding to two in one)

My hand will occasionally get a little tired, but i just switch positions and it's generally fine again.

I _thought_ i got the rainbow crystal as a drop, but maybe it was a rhythmia award or something and i just wasn't paying enough attention.

Yeah, Cid gets Libra 3, Locke gets Libra 2, and Aerith, Lighting, and... the other FF11 character get Libra 1. In retrospect, i accidentally leveled up my Cid too much. I should have stopped him at level 15 when he got his Libra skill so i could toss him into any party, but i got him up to level 60 before i realized my mistake. Now if i want to have a "stable" party with a total of 7 Libra points and an average level of 51 i'm going to have to level Cid up to 99, and he'd make a pretty crappy leader.

As it is if i put a 7 point party together without making Cid my level 99 character it would result in a minimum average level of... 52. Which is obviously not a huge problem, but it does interfere slightly with my OCD plan to get a lot of level 51 Dark Notes.
Kirin: kirinkirinn on August 2nd, 2012 05:01 pm (UTC)
Oh, yeah, there's totally one Rainbow shard from Rhythmia relatively early on (in like the 30k's or something).

Hmm, maybe I should level Locke for that Libra 2. My Chaos Shrine has been obnoxiously stingy with the shards I need for the last couple days... I've lost count of the time I've beaten a Note with two colors I could use and gotten diddly squat. *Still* haven't seen a second Black shard. At this point counting the shards you eventually get from Rhythmia, the only things I really *need* are two more Navy and a Purple... and seven Blacks. -_-

Edit: Oh, forgot to add one cool thing I noticed. So you know how in the Profile Card, you can give yourself a title by picking an adverb, adjective, and noun (roughly)? And some Rhythmia bonuses unlock more words. Well, sometime recently I seem to have unlocked the noun "Kirin". :) I'll even give up "sky pirate" for that.

Edited at 2012-08-02 08:26 pm (UTC)
DonAithnen: Games: Cecildonaithnen on August 3rd, 2012 03:02 am (UTC)
Let's see, i've gotten five level 51s so far. They consist of:
??? - ??? - Black
??? - Navy - Golden
Grey - ??? - Purple
??? - Silver - ???
Turquoise - Rainbow - ???

I'd _really_ like to find a Black - Navy - Purple of course :)

Oh yeah, i've gotten a lot more of the byline things, i should go check them out. Currently i've got it set at "Darkly glorious Dancer"

Kirin: kirinkirinn on August 3rd, 2012 03:35 pm (UTC)
Unlocked Kain! And also Ms. Rainbow. Pity that for a "special" character, she doesn't look that useful. Mostly support abilities, which I guess makes sense, but meh.

+90 on FFIV songs is indeed pretty nice for grinding Rhythmia though.

I'm sure I have well over a dozen 50-something DNs now, though yeah, what I really want is a Black - Gold - Purple at this point, and I don't think I have that. Up to 3 Blacks finally... 5 to go.....
Kirin: kirinkirinn on August 4th, 2012 03:28 pm (UTC)
Hah, after giving me a lot of grief, the random number generator finally cut me one small break. I was farming a DN for Black shards, got a bit lazy, and *just* missed the Boss 3 cut-off in damage during the first two enemies of the battle section. But unbeknownst to me, Boss 2 *also* had a Black shard, which it was kind enough to drop! Hooray for small favors.
Kirin: kirinkirinn on August 6th, 2012 01:13 pm (UTC)
Okay, now I'm pretty sure the RNG is just messing with me. Was grinding my Black and Gold DN (since those are still the ones I most need) without much success. Decided to take a break by going and beating on a lower level Note. Beat the boss twice in one battle, and it dropped *two* Purple shards, completing that crystal. Well, okay then. I'll take it.