DonAithnen (donaithnen) wrote,

Friday Fun Stuff

So first of all, here's _another_ Star Wars/Call Me Maybe video. "Leia's Call Me Maybe - A Star Wars Parody" Except this one is an actual parody, performed by a (quite literally) garage band. Normally i'm not a big fan of the slave Leia look, but i guess for a musical number it makes a certain amount of thematic sense. And i like the way they managed to parallel the ending of the official video.

(I really can't decide which deserves more attention, awesome editing skills like the first video, or actually doing a decent job of performing a parody yourself like these guys do, but in either case it's kind of sad that this video has less than 2% the hits the other one does.)

And on the subject of Star Wars but a little less musically, here are some Scout Troopers doing motorbike stunts in a Tatooine-like desert.

Finally the Wachowskis (who i guess after much rumor-milling are officially no longer brothers now) have a new movie called "Cloud Atlas" coming out this fall that i just found out about, via a really long trailer they just released.

And at this point i was going to write something snarky about it only being available on Apple's site and QuckTime wanting me to install iTunes to see it, but since i started looking last night it has been uploaded to YouTube (of course =)

Cloud Atlas Extended Trailer

Definitely looks potentially interesting. The plot structure, at least as revealed by the trailer, kind of reminds me of some of Neal Stephenson's stuff.
Tags: fun stuff, movies, music

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