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More Theatrhythm

Gods damn it Squidix! Faris is supposed to have purple hair! Not blonde! Purple! First they mess up Terra, and now Faris. Quit fucking with my nostalgia!!!

*grrrr* SERIOUSLY want alternate skin DLC now. (And hey, they could easily come up with skins for Cloud and Yuna, and maybe Sephiroth, which i'm sure people would want as well. Oh, and Cecil as a Dark Knight of course!)

On a happier note, i have discovered something cool, if you pause and select "Retry Song" during the second song of a Dark Note, it does _not_ make you redo the first song as well!

Entirely independently of that (no, seriously) i also just Perfect Chained my first Dark Note. I didn't even realize that was a thing and was a little surprised when the trophy popped up.

I've been going through my old Dark Notes trying to get a more complete list of what each 3rd boss gives me. (And i really wish there were more detailed notes on what items have been dropped for each note, including anything at all about what you get from the first song.) However there are a couple that are confusing me.

In theory the Moogle chest drops during FMS songs are random events. There are skills you can equip which will increase their frequency, generally by a very small amount. However i can't actually remember the last time when i _didn't_ get a Moogle. They're always showing up! The only way those skills would be any good is if you could actually get two Moogles to show up, and i don't think that's possible, or at least i've never seen it happen.

On the other hand i _believe_ there's always supposed to be someone waiting at the "end" of the song if you've traveled enough distance. But there are a couple songs where i _never_ seem able to get them. I've Prefect Chain S-Ranked them with a level 96 Bartz as my leader who has 253 agility and level 3 Dash, level 1 Earth Blues and Mimic equipped. I'm really not sure how i can improve a great deal on that setup =P
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