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16 January 2002 @ 11:15 am
I had two very interesting dreams last night. I woke up from the first one and thought, hey, that was cool, i should write that down tomorrow. The second one i woke up and thought, that was almost as cool as the first dream.

Of coruse by the time i got out of the shower i'd mostly forgotten both of them =(

The only thing i remember about the first one is that at least part of it involved a panda. The second one involved soem school like place, and had some kind of complicated storyline going on.

Sigh, i wish i could remember dreams, for that matter, i wish i could remember things period =P
Celesteashke on January 16th, 2002 07:17 pm (UTC)
actually, with me, it tends to be that i remember the mood/feeling of the dream, then usually throughout the day, i occasionally get "flashbacks". it's odd. this doesn't always happen when i dream. it tends to be the dreams that were really strong/emotional for whatever reason. i also occasioanlly remember a time when i used to use my dreams as a way to write certain scenes in some stories i used to write. it was like my mind was a vcr tape in the vcr. quite odd.
anywho, i sometimes keep a pad by my bed so that if i do wake up and want to remember the dream, i can, somewhat sometimes.
g'luck with everything! hope work is going well!