DonAithnen (donaithnen) wrote,

Friday Fun Stuff

This is a short one, only about 1.5 stuffs.

If you haven't seem it yet, someone put together a really well edited Star Wars video to the latest insipid pop song with an earwormy tune, "Call Me Maybe". I'm not sure I'd say it's good, but it is definitely impressive.

This is the third or fourth parody of the song I've seen, though the only other one I specifically recall is the Cookie Monster one that I got from +Kelly Knight (okay, make that 2.5 stuffs.)

However it was a little hard to understand exactly what was being said at some points in the Star Wars vid because of the cuts, and i decided that perhaps i should actually go watch the original video and see what exactly it is that everyone is editing about. And it _is_ certainly one of those insipid pop songs with an earwormy tune. However i've got to say, the ending is actually rather cute and amusing :)

(And yes, the Star Wars vid was a bit more amusing once i had a better idea of the source.)
Tags: fun stuff

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