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Yay! Boardgames!

Gaming night went pretty well. We played three games, and i won three games. I won one game of San Juan by a huge margin, then a second game of San Juan by a moderate margin, and then a game of Seven Wonders by one point! :)

I'm not sure if it makes it more or less awesome that only one other person was there, the guy who hosts every week, and who also just happens to be the guy who normally wins the biggest percentage of the games :)

We were playing the "expert" two player version of Seven Wonders which is a little weird. It's pretty much a three player game where you take turns playing for the third neutral player. The decision making process was definitely very different from the regular game. We were almost worried we were dumping a few too many of the good cards on the neutral player, but the score ended up being 37/50/51.
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