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First World Problems

Okay, i am now reeeeealy curious about how exactly shipping is handled at Google.

As previously mentioned, in theory the Nexus 7 started shipping on friday, however i did not get notified that mine was on the way until 2am on saturday, and UPS apparently did nothing with it all weekend because the tracking data wasn't updated at all.

Finally this morning there was tracking data available. To wit:

United States 07/11/2012 6:20 A.M. Order Processed: Ready for UPS
Louisville, KY, United States 07/16/2012 9:53 A.M. Origin Scan

Er wait what? According to _somebody_ it was ready for UPS to pick up at 6 am on _wednesday_? I paid $14 for two day shipping. (I'm not sure if it makes it better or worse that i was not given an option about what kind of shipping was used.) If i paid for two day shipping and it was ready very early wednesday morning, why didn't i have it on friday? What was going on in _five_ days between when it was theoretically ready to go and when it apparently actually started moving? Obviously two of those days were the weekend (does UPS normally do anything on saturday? I can't remember) but that still leaves three days entirely unaccounted for.

The three most likely explanations seem to be 1: that Google started scanning shipping codes before the devices were actually ready to ship (though in that case why wasn't the tracking code actually working until five days later?) 2: there was such a large shipment that it took several days for UPS to process them all, or 3: someone somewhere was just sitting on their ass for awhile.

Whichever it is, it's not really improving my impressions of how Google has managed this launch. Though i will of course be somewhat consoled when i actually get my hands on my Nexus 7, in theory sometime tomorrow.
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