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Sickness and lack of power

So today i am feeling only slightly snuffly, plus the frequent "everything tastes weird" i often get near or after the end of a sickness.

I wonder if i'm well enough to go to Wumpskate tonight? It would kind of suck to miss it since it's only once a month =/

doctorskuld and i did decide i probably ought to give climbing a pass yesterday, in part because i was a little more sick yesterday, and in part because the power had gone out at my apartment complex so i was unable to shower and would have shown up rather dirty and stinky, as well as being potentially still infectious =P

The power outage was interesting. Sometime between 11:30 and noon i heard a moderately loud "bang" outside, and then the lights went out. The obvious interpretation was that a transformer had blown. I killed some time reading on my Nook, which was thankfully recently charged, before starting to wonder if the power was going to be back before it was time to shower before climbing. I checked the SCE website, and they said there was an outage in our area that was affecting 34 people and should be fixed by 6pm. The 34 people thing was a little weird since i knew multiple buildings in our complex had been taken out, and there are at least 20 apartments per building. The 6pm thing was kind of annoying since it meant no shower. I also wasn't sure if that meant i would have trouble with stuff in the fridge.

So i walked down to Walgreens to see if they had any bags of ice for sale. They didn't, but on the way back i checked the minimart at the Chevron station on the corner and they did, so i bought two bags, stuck one in the freezer and one in the fridge, and as long as i was opening the doors grabbed the box of diet A&W out of the fridge so i'd have something to drink.

Then after talking to doctorskuld about (not) climbing i spent awhile longer reading and watching Hoodwinked on my Nook before going to Del Taco for dinner. Then some time listening to audiobook, then some more reading, then i noticed my phone was getting kind of low on charge. It was close to 8 by then, so i checked the SCE website again, and found the fix time had been updated to 6 am =P

So i decided to take a trip to the mall so i could charge up my phone en route. I got some Pinkberry and wandered about for a bit, then took a long circuitous route driving home so my phone would have more time to charge.

I got home about 9:30 or 9:45. Power was still out of course, and half the apartment complex was pitch black. Interestingly, for the most part each building was either all powered or all not. There were two exceptions though. On the far side of the complex was a building that was split right down the center. And on the near side as i was walking in from my car there was a building that _seemed_ to be all black, except for a single apartment that was fully lit. It was a second story apartment so looking up i could even see that it was actual light bulbs and not some other source of light. Strange. A lot of the other apartments had dim orangey light in the windows from candles or lamps or whatever. There were some people hanging around outside talking about it, from which i picked up that when SCE came out to check the equipment that blew (no one was clear on if it was a transformer or something else) they said it was stuff that had been installed in the 70s and had never been touched since. Wow.

I wandered around a bit to see the state of things, and saw that the SCE people were still there working on stuff at 10:00 at night. I guess i can't complain too much about how long it took to get it fixed then? Then i went back to my apartmnet, spent a little more time reading and got to bed around 10:30 or 11 i think. I woke up briefly around 1:30 am to see the lights were back on before drifting off again.

I also made a couple twitter posts, since it was the only easy way to communicate with the outside world :)

11:49 AM - 8 Jul 12 via Plume for Android · Details
Well that's unusual. There was a moderately loud "bang" outside, and now the power is out. A transformer blew I guess?

1:21 PM - 8 Jul 12 via Plume for Android · Details
Oh good, SCE's estimated fix time is 8 pm tonight =P Good thing my phone and Nook are fully charged.

9:52 PM - 8 Jul 12 via Plume for Android · Details
Damn, power rescheduled for 6 am. Half the apartments (including mine) are pitch black. Other half have orange candlelight in the windows.
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