DonAithnen (donaithnen) wrote,

Fourth of July

So after getting back to bed around 9 am i slept until 1 pm, then got up and spent way too long writing the tablet post :) By the time i was done with that i just had time to shower before heading over to thumbie and shamiksan's place.

I got there about 6:30 and they showed my their new puppy for a bit before we headed off walking to the Redondo Beach Pier for dinner and fireworks. We got there about 8 and after wandering around for a bit found that Samba (a Brazilian BBQ place) had plenty of empty seats in front of big windows looking out on the small harbor the fireworks were going to be firing out of.

So we got to eat lots of yummy meat and drink a couple yummy drinks. I was a little sad they didn't have any fried bananas/plantains, but other than that it was great. We'd just about finished up when the fireworks started up. It was a little weird and kinda cool because you could see the fireworks clearly, but in parts of the window that weren't lit up you would see the reflection from inside. We got some desert after that and then went outside and laughed at the huuuuuuuge line of cars in total gridlock trying to get out of the parking lot. Then we laughed even more when the next firework show started down the beach and we got to stand around and watch that while all the people who were insanely eager to get home were stuck in their cars, not really moving, and facing the wrong direction (not to mention in a lot of cases probably not even having a direct view due to the restaurants along the shore.)

When that firework show was over we started walking back and the traffic was still backed up all the way through the parking lot and all along the street outside the lot. We walked back to their place and hung out for a bit before i decided at 11 i really ought to head home since i had work the next day. Luckily either we'd walked far enough or for long enough that i didn't run into any serious traffic on the way back. Of course then when i got home i failed to get to bed until close to 1 =P
Tags: recaps

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